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Abel Residence

Jalan Pengkalan, SPT, Penang

Design Challenges 


How to create an environment for a mixture of landed units with a low rise condominium?

The site has an area of 5.45 acres of irregular rectangular shape and fronting the main road Jalan Pengkalan. A low rise condominium of 112 units arranged in a rectangular shaped consisting of a 4-storey car park podium and 10 storey of condominium units ranging from 1130 sq ft to 1415 sq ft is placed fronting the main road. The landed units of 2.5 storey terrace, 2 and 3- storey of zero lots and 3 storey bungalows are arranged behind, hence resulting in a quiet and peaceful environment.

Each of the landed units are designed with its own individual character eg the 2 storey and 3 storey zero lot bungalow although difference only in 1 storey, are each designed with its own aesthetic. The 3-storey bungalow are designed into 3 different types. The 2.5 storey terrace are designed with a modern, clean image. The result of this approached gives the development its own unique character.

A club house with swimming pool facilities and children playground are located with the double frontage zero lots units and all residence can have access to the facilities.  The low rise condominium has its own terrace facilities at the roof top garden, with lounge chairs with green lawn.

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