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Abel Residence: High Rise Living - A Blend of Innovation and Privacy in Penang

Abel Residence, a project by our architectural consultancy services in Penang, is located on Jalan Pengkalan, SPT, Penang. This unique development seamlessly integrates landed units with a low-rise condominium, showcasing our innovative approach to architectural design.

Design Challenges and Solutions

2. Creating a Seamless Environment:

We placed the apartment block to front the main access road, acting as a physical screen for noise and privacy for the landed units, resulting in a peaceful and quiet environment.

3. Enhancing Privacy:

Immediately behind the apartment, we positioned the 2.5-storey terraces, further increasing the privacy of the zero lots and bungalow units.

4. Exclusive Access:


The zero lots of 2 and 3 storeys are located within 5 minutes to the clubhouse and its swimming pool, adding to the exclusivity of the development.

The Result:

This thoughtful design showcases our commitment to creating seamless living environments that cater to diverse housing needs, reflecting the expertise of our architectural consultancy services in Penang.

Design Challenges and Solutions

1. Integration of Various Units:

The challenge was to integrate a 14-storey medium-cost apartment block (112 units) with a mixture of 3-storey bungalows (4 units), 3-storey zero lots (11 units), 2-storey zero lots (10 units), 2.5-storey terraces (12 units), and a clubhouse within an irregular 5.5-acre site.

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