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Pangsapuri Rimbun - Flats: Quality Low-Cost Housing in Penang


Pangsapuri Rimbun, located on Jalan Pulau Betong, Penang, is a low-cost housing project featuring 855 units of 650 sq ft each. This project showcases our commitment to providing quality architectural solutions for all segments of the community.

Design Challenges and Solutions

  1. Arrangement of Units: The units are arranged into four rectangular towers, enclosing a common green space for communal outdoor activities like a half-court basketball court and a children's play area.

  2. Ventilation and Views: The 12-storey towers consist of a three-storey podium car park and nine floors of units. Each unit is designed to have excellent ventilation and surrounding views.

  3. Façade Design: The façade is clean and flat, with horizontal fins to highlight the lower floors only. This design contributes to a modest, quality aesthetic that fits well with the surrounding physical environment.


The Result

Pangsapuri Rimbun is a testament to our ability to deliver quality, low-cost housing that doesn't compromise on design or functionality. The project provides a comfortable living environment with communal spaces for residents, contributing to the community's well-being in Penang.

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