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Founder's Memorial, Singapore

International Architectural Design Competition

Design Concept

The assemblage of different elements like the infinity canopy with the strategically located Nest and the angular Commonwealth seating and wall feature with the individualised glass pavilion arranged to reflect openness  in society shows the tension which will always exists in dealing with the changes of society as a result of networking  verses its centralized approach.


Both approaches can evolved harmoniously for the progress of the Nation.  Crucial to this is the location of the gallery Moment of Anguished placed centrally on the Singapore island which allows visitors to reflect the birth of the nation's ideals and its journey into the changing future which is determined by the universal participation of all Singaporeans.


The rectangular glass boxes with its RAINBOW colours roof scattered at various location of the design , some are temporary interactive galleries and some are walkways with display represents a method which the openness of the surrounding gardens can be integrated into the inner garden environment.

Design Criteria

Design Criteria
Founder's memorial page
Breakdown of space
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