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Artis 3

Jelutong, DTL, Penang

Development on Lot 516, 701 and part of Lot 524 (residential) Section 1, town of Jelutong,

Daerah Timur Laut ,Penang. 

This development known as Artis 3, consists of block B, C and D (medium cost) as one parcel and block E (low cost) as another parcel. Block B, C and D has been issued with CCC on 21st November 2019. Block E is physical completed CCC on 11th August 2020.

1. The piece of land is  located within 5 minutes to the Jelutong Highway which connects to the expressway linking to Penang Bridge, hence its excellent connectivity and it is a 10 minutes drive to the inner city of Georgetown.

Design challenges

695 units of various size on a rectangular plot of 5.37 acres, previously filled with squatters.

2. The entire plot of land of rectangular shape was divided into 3 major plot of different size, each plot was to provide different housing needs for the market.

3. Beginning with the rear of the rectangle, we created a plot called Block E. Initially the land has 70 squatters to be relocated at the same site in order not to destroy the social ties which has evolved over the years.

Hence on block E, we created 158 units of low cost of 700 sq ft with wider corridor of 1.8m, allowing a very pleasant environment for this low -income group. A whole floor of Community facilities like hall, study rooms, games room was provided at level 10 with covered car park to the rest of the podium floors.

4. In the middle of this rectangle, we created 3 blocks, namely block B, C, and D with 373 units ranging from size 1050 sq ft to 1250 sq ft. Block B and D are connected to each other until level 17 only. After which block B continue to rise as a square tower until level 34. All the units of block D faces the 50 m swimming pool at level 7.

 Block C of level 26 is an independent tower, has a mixture of 141 units 0f sizes from 500 to 700 sq ft providing the affordable requirements of the housing guidelines. The rectangular shaped has its own lift core and separate drop of point for residents and cars.

  All the residents can share the use of the common facilities at level 7 and 8 which are a Lap pool, children pool, gym, squash court, badminton court, music room, hall etc. A large variety of facilities distributed over the entire 2 floors provide a quiet environment for all the residents irrespective of their income status.

5. On the podium façade, a series of wavy aluminium fins arranged over 4 storey helps to reduce the visual impact of the car parking bays. The façade of block D is a covered with panels of timber boards arranged vertically and staggered until the last floor, helping to reduce the view of the surrounding low - cost units and creating more privacy for the resident of block D.


6.  The result of all this strategic design has resulted in an upmarket physically environment which formerly was an area filled with squatters surrounded by low cost block. The upgrading of the surrounding roads and drainage has transformed this area into a clean and organized physical environment, to be enjoy by all the local population.

T H E   R E S U L T

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